Bem vindos ao canal oficial do Programa Pânico na Band. Aqui você encontra tudo sobre o programa, em HD, e relembra as maiores trollagens, além das Panicats, quadros incríveis e matérias marcantes.
Tá esperando o quê? Se inscreve aí e ativa as notificações para não perder nada. Todo dia tem vídeo novo!
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Cheque Please! Your 2011 City Budget

The following is currently taking place in my small corner of the world, but the story is probably the same where you live. Your corner may be a bigger city or a smaller township, but in these days tough times are to be had by all.  Many are of the opinion that even though the times are challenging, at least with the Democrats in control, a real effort is being made to make the so-called rich pay their fair share of the tab.

On Target on the Economy and Stocks

Understanding this market has been the most difficult in my 25+ years in the business, but I do see the future very clearly now. You see, our government, rather than allowing market forces to dictate our “supposed” capitalist and democratic economic system, is simply creating another bubble with its artificially low interest rates and continued stimulus, a.k.a. quantitative easing. This is exactly what they did in the Tech bubble, the housing bubble and the last crash of 2002, which generated a nice bull market for about 2 1/2 years before that bubble burst.

Government Does Not Create Wealth

In the United States, we’re a week away from some big changes… and the midterm congressional elections are only a part of what’s coming. It’s deja-vu all over again as the Democrat party, consumed by the ambitions of its most liberal elements, has overreached toward socialism in a way not seen since the first two years of the Clinton administration…

The Numbers Behind the Headlines – Employment, Unemployment and What It All Means

There are a number of misleading statistics currently being bandied around at the moment regarding the state of the jobs market in the United Kingdom. Some commentators who are trying to be positive point to the massive jobs growth that has occurred since the start of the year, whilst the more bearish tend to point to the fact that total unemployment has continued to increase in 2010 and that the majority of the new jobs that have been created are either temporary or part-time.

What If QE2 Is Just A Bluff?

The financial markets are all agog about the coming additional round of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve Bank. Well, what if the next round, known as “QE2” is actually a bluff of sort by Chairman Bernanke?

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