Senador entra com pedido de impeachment de Barroso

O senador Luiz Carlos Heinze (PP-RS) protocolou ao Senado um pedido de impeachment contra Barroso, acusando-o de ter cometido um suposto crime de responsabilidade por suposta interferência indevida nas Forças Armadas.

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If The Recession Is Over, What Does This Mean To New Seniors?

The government announced that the country is out of the Great Recession. In fact, it’s said that the recovery occurred last year. Funny, but many New Seniors haven’t noticed anything that might suggest the economy is better today than it was when the current group of politicians took office nearly two years ago. How about you?

Social Security Benefits for Both Individuals and Society Is a Partnership

The first obligation of a society is to secure its children, and then all its other members against the onslaughts of nature and man, against starvation, thirst, disease, voracious predators, against death. Our children require this social security if they are to live and grow. Social security benefits society itself, for without security, society will deteriorate. Take away social security and the individual has little use for society: social security is an important factor that makes society valuable.

Beware of Trade Wars – US, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and China – Here We Go Again!

Are we being dragged into a global trade war due to China’s economic trade policies? Yes, I believe so, and it’s going to be a huge problem. China wants to win at trade, but will not adjust its winnings to what is fair for all concerned.

Exchange Rates in Business

The exchange rate is the amount of a currency one can receive in exchange for another currency. Determining the rate is loosely based on purchasing power parity which is about comparing the cost of the same products in different countries. By comparing the cost of the same product one can find out the comparative value of their currency and determine the exchange rate.

Can Superman Rescue Parochial Schools?

For more than 80 years, the Holy Spirit Catholic School in the Bronx has stood across the street from Public School 26. Now, however, it’s unclear how many Catholic schools will be able to afford to keep their doors open to the next generation of students. Catholic schools across the country have been forced to close due to declining enrollment and lack of funds.

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