Lincoln Portela é eleito novo vice-presidente da Câmara

Na tarde desta quarta-feira (25), o deputado federal Lincoln Portela foi eleito por 232 votos como novo vice-presidente da Câmara dos Deputados, substituindo Marcelo Ramos. Expectativas giravam em torno da vitória de Major Hugo, indicado por Bolsonaro.

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The Great Inflation Squeeze

Inflation is increasing and despite expert expectations to the contrary, it looks as if it is here for a long time. What caused the Inflation? Where is it going? What are the consequences of the Inflation?

Calculation of Investment Efficiency – Methodology (Part I)

In order to prepare the analysis of project feasibility, a financial projection studied investment including both the period of project initiation (years 2007-2010), the period of reference accepted to the I analysis years 2011-2030 and the period of economic functioning of the object including years which are beyond the period of reference (years 2031-2049). All data included in the projections are expressed in fixed prices (without taking inflation into account). Money values were expressed in Polish money. The rate of profitable tax from legal persons was accepted in the whole period on the level of 19%. The forecast was prepared in net prices.

It Seems Like Our Economy Has Gone Crazy

If you find the economy, and what’s going on with the economy, confusing, you are certainly not alone. Economists who believe in “fundamentals” are unable to explain what’s going on. Supply side believers can’t explain it either.

Depression Vs Recession – What Is the Difference Between a Depression and a Recession?

Is a depression really any different from a recession? There was a time there was actually no such thing as a recession. Every financial downturn was considered a depression. However, today there are different financial indicators economists look to in order to determine whether the current financial downturn is just a recession or real full-blown depression. In this article, we will learn what economists are looking for to determine the difference between depression vs. recession.

Measures Of Welfare

Welfare is the general well-being of the people in a community. Welfare in general talks about good health, happiness and safety of people. The state or government is the main provider of welfare programme and these include hospitals, schools, good roads, communication facilities, security of lives and properties, access to habitable housing at affordable prices, etc. Measure of Economic Welfare (MEW) is a measurement for evaluating standard of living. It is proposed by two economist called William Nordhaus and James Tobin in 1972.

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