Jorge Serrão: PSDB não pode arriscar ficar pela 1ª vez sem disputar a candidatura presidencial

Jorge Serrão analisa como a falta de candidatura à presidência da República pelo PSDB devido aos atritos dos líderes do partido com Doria trouxe altos custos para o legado da sigla, ressaltando o fracasso de propostas da 3ª via.

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Concept of Unemployment As a Huge Factor Influencing the Labor Market

Unemployment is a situation in which persons of working age, able and willing to work are unable to find paid employment. In other words, unemployment refers to a situation in which people who are capable of working and who are qualified by age to work cannot find employment. Unemployment rate is denoted by the symbol ‘U’ and it is represented by the formula:

The Labor Market – Efficiency and Mobility of Labor

Efficiency of Labor is the ability of Labor to increase output without increasing the quantity of Labor. Increase in efficiency is usually expressed in terms of increase in output of Labor within a shorter period of time without any fall in the quality of goods and services produced. If labor is efficient, the quality of goods and services produced will be high.

The Labor Market – Factors Influencing Wages and Causes, Consequences and Solutions of Unemployment

There is no way you talk about the labor market without mentioning or thinking about two major pillars-Wages and employment. You cannot have a staff-structure when there are no resources to pay them and if such is the case, there would be no companies or industries. What about unemployment? Knowing its causes, consequences and solutions will go a long way in strategising job creation to boost the economy of an area/country. These are two essential facets of the labor market which cannot be over-emphasized.

Gold’s Rise Will End in a Bubble

While some people are saying there is currency stability, and others are saying the US dollar and other currencies are doomed. But if there is currency stability, then that would be bullish for stocks and commodities. That seems to be the likely scenario some of the big broking firms are cramming down the investors throats.

Why Is the US Dollar Dying?

As a global currency wars come to head, and many speculators saying the economy is fine, is the US at major risk of devaluing? The recent sinking in US dollar, falling in value since late spring is startling a lot of the financial analysts. And is also scaring a lot of investors.

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