Fábio Piperno: Mesmo com impopularidade, Doria ainda aparece na frente de Tebet nos levantamentos

Fábio Piperno explica como a falta de confiança em Doria, tanto no PSDB quanto pelos eleitores fizeram com que sua pré-candidatura à presidência da República fosse frágil, apesar de sua gestão durante a pandemia, e avalia como Simone Tebet não será uma forte candidata.

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A Case Against Socialism, Command Economies, Or State Run Capitalism

Not long ago, I got into a debate with an antagonist from Pakistan on what he called; the evils of capitalism. He was very similar in thinking to that of Simon Bolivar, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Nancy Pelosi, Fidel Castro, and others of that sort of mindset. My antagonist’s debating points were fairly simple, and a common misconception of many academics who have never actually participated in a free-market.

The Average Greek and His Last Hope

Once again the Greek citizen hopes the government has a realistic plan ( knowing full well that it will require many sacrifices ) guaranteeing the creation of a state without corruption, a working health system, that is ‘European’ with a modernized educational system, a steadily growing strong economy, providing professional safety, and is axiocratic. His dream is that a government will have respect for its citizens, will not ignore them, nor humiliate them, but ensure and protect the weak and vulnerable groups to guarantee a future that is constantly better than yesterday.

Richest Rich Getting Richer – Wall Street, Big Banks in Cahoots With Fed in Shameful Pyramid Scheme

I just gotta say something. I read story after story this morning about how the richest of the rich just keep getting richer. It’s shameful. Wall Street and the banking industry are in cahoots with the Fed in a shameful pyramid scheme. I would never begrudge you or me or anyone for making a buck, but come on, when it becomes obscene, and at OUR expense, well then I gotta say something.

Changing the Economy With the Buying Power of African-Americans

In an article earlier this year in Brand Week, Pepper Miller, founder of the Hunter-Miller Group, a research and consulting firm specializing in marketing to African-Americans, stated that self-segregation exists in the social media space, and has a huge impact on advertisers. “You really have to understand who you are talking to,” she told Brand week in a recent interview. Miller also discussed why engagement is a huge part of reaching black consumers, and she offered examples of some successful [and not so successful] ads targeting African-Americans.

Government Takeover: They Want Your Money

Here’s another way to look at it: it’s not that they necessarily want the government to have your money; it’s more that they don’t want YOU to have it. They want you to feel miserable and needy, and ready to vote for any candidate and proposal that promises to “take care” of you. They need you to be unemployed, depending on the government for welfare and food stamps. They need you to be a victim.

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