Fábio Piperno: Candidatura de Tebet não conta com amparo nenhum dos caciques regionais do MDB

Fábio Piperno comenta sobre como a candidatura de Simone Tebet não tem chance alguma de ter êxito, considerando a falta de amparo político dos próprios caciques regionais do MDB e o fracasso da tentativa de Doria consagrar-se na 3ª via, mesmo com sua notoriedade política.

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Low-Poor Welfare and The Developing Countries

Government has great role to play in tackling these problems and put good programmes in place to boost the welfare of the people. A country where people enjoy good welfare package, vices are always at low ebb and the government could concentrate on more serious economic issues. Welfare of the people should therefore be given utmost priority if the country is to experience uninterrupted peace and progress.

Less Grumbly – A Follow-Up to ‘Grumblings of a Slum Lord in the Post-Bust Environment’

There has been a lot of focus on what the economy has done to homeowners and businesses. This article is a follow-up to an earlier article that looked at how the economy impacts residential real estate investors.

The Top 3 Reasons WHY Recessions Occur

This article will show you the top 3 of the 5 reasons why recession occur in the world. This article will discuss the 3 Secret Law Lies are being hidden from the public. This information may shock you! This is Your WARNING!

Improve Our Local Economy By Buying Local

Local economies are struggling during this recession. Many are facing very hard times and projected economic shortfalls due to the loss of sales tax revenue and high unemployment rates.

Is the Banking and Financial Crisis Over? And Why You Should Care

What is the underlying nature of the contemporary economic and financial crisis? What is at stake and why should citizens be concerned about it?

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