Bem vindos ao canal oficial do Programa Pânico na Band. Aqui você encontra tudo sobre o programa, em HD, e relembra as maiores trollagens, além das Panicats, quadros incríveis e matérias marcantes.
Tá esperando o quê? Se inscreve aí e ativa as notificações para não perder nada. Todo dia tem vídeo novo!
Vídeos Curtos do Pânico (Shorts):
Pânico Retrô (momentos engraçados do Pânico no rádio) :
Entrevistas completas no canal do Pânico Jovem Pan:

The Collectivist and the Individualist: Who Are You?

The difference between us and them. The basic difference between the collectivist and the individualist is their views on the influence of government and the answer to the question – who comes first, the group or the individual?

Government Debt

Are you aware of the current government problems the United States are facing. The current debt is $14 trillion and growing each day. Learn more about the problems of the United States financial system.

Advantages of Alternative Energy Sources

Today, electricity is the main energy source for many of our daily use gadgets. Besides the main source electricity which is produced through some artificial means like fossils, there are some alternative energy sources as well like sunlight, wind and water. These are the natural sources which help us in fulfilling our everyday electricity demands.

The Last Place Pittsburgh Pirates and Our Last Place Economy

This article reviews the latest depressing economic and inflation data from the Federal government and compares our dire economic situation to the last place exploits of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1950s and their lone star, Ralph Kiner. The article concludes with a set of suggestions that need to be implemented to lift our eocnomy out of last place, something that Ralph Kiner could not do for his Pirates.

Mom, Dad, Promise Not to Be Mad: I’m A Collectivist – Noooooo!

Distinguishing the enemies. Let us look into a simple way to distinguish the collectivist from the individualist. Are you ready for this? Who are you?

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