Weintraub diz que Bolsonaro não vai se reeleger devido à economia e escândalos

Em meio à uma nova pesquisa eleitoral realizada pelo Real Time Big Data, que analisa o cenário da disputa presidencial após a saída de Doria, o ex-ministro Abraham Weintraub declarou que Bolsonaro não irá se reeleger por conta da economia e de “escândalos”

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Economics: Also an Art

Economics is also considered an art as it deals with people and its interaction within the society. Economics as an art simply means we are applying the theories and concepts everything about economics to achieve the maximum satisfaction of human wants and needs.

The Causes of Financial Crisis and an Inconvenient Fix

Bernanke said it was goldilocks economy. And then the stock market dived, home prices collapsed. Banking system was on the verge of total bankruptcy only to be rescued by unprecedented tax payer bailouts that continue to this day in various forms. As the economy was going down, US dollar was going up, defying doom sayers for it’s demise. Deflation that has not happened for many decades was now a reality. Economists claimed deflation was not possible in a fiat currency system. Bernanke more than tripled the base money supply from 800 billion to 2.5 trillion. But inflation is no where to be seen. So, how did it happen? What are the causes? What is the long term fix?

Tax Hikes Are Not About Revenue

It’s pretty simple. When the U.S. federal government decreases income taxes, they increase government revenue by creating more business opportunities, more jobs, and more taxpayers. Investment dollars flow into the country. On the other hand, when the government increases taxes, they decrease government revenue. Opportunities and jobs are lost; investment dollars flow away to other, more-business-friendly countries.

Fair Trade Companies Improve The Lives Of Farmers, Artisans and Merchants

Fair Trade groups work together for the benefit of workers and developing markets. How can we support the movement that enables small businesses to be competitive?

Interest Rate Forecast – Is Inflation Right Around the Corner?

In March of 2009, I wrote an article predicting where mortgage rates were heading. The name of this article is “Mortgage Rate Predictions-What The Charts Are Telling Us.” At the time I wrote this article interest rates were 6 to 6.5%. My article got a lot of very bad reviews because I predicted mortgage interest rates would fall to 4%. Actually, there were many more predictions in this article which all came true. So, I’m proud of my article. In this article, I will attempt to predict what will happen to interest rates in the future.

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