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General Motors – Behind the Scenes

General Motors is expected to start the process of its IPO as soon as possible. The United States government still owns a majority in the car company, with many referring to the company as “government” motors. The stock offering which will be made later this month will have the United States government’s portion of ownership cut down to around 35%.

Should the Fed Purchase Billions Upon Billions of Dollars in Securities?

The Federal Reserve is expected to announce that they will be purchasing $500 billion in long term securities to help ease fears about the economy. This unprecedented move by the Federal Reserve is expected to be announced at a November 2nd meeting with the policy makers. The policy is expected to get underway as soon as the Federal Reserve is able to.

Too Big to Fail – Too Stupid to Live

Remember how you, your kids and your grand-kids became indentured? When countless trillion deficit taxpayer dollars got wasted by government bailing out the biggest banks and largest corporations — just because they were too big to fail?

Wages – A Major Factor Affecting Labor As a Factor of Production

Wages is the payment made to labor for the services they render in production. In other words, wages refer to the rewards paid for the services of labor. Wages are the price of labor.

Factors Affecting the Labor Market – Determination of Wages and The Activities of Trade Unions

Labor market is the market which buyers and sellers of labor are in close contact during which the wages and other conditions of services are determined and agreed upon. Labor is a factor of production which is usually bought and sold in the market and this process can be greatly influenced by determination of wages of labor and the activities of trade unions directly in close relationship with the labor in question. How exactly can these influence the labor market?

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