Seja bem-vindo (a) ao canal da Bubu e as Corujinhas – Desenho Infantil Educativo! 💜
Com vídeos semanais, sempre em um novo desenho infantil educativo, contamos as aventuras de Bubu e seus irmãos, Biel (a corujinha de óculos) e Bonie (a caçulinha da família), na floresta de Los Arboles, em um lindo episódio de desenho animado infantil.

As Corujinhas adoram explorar e aprender com os mais variados animais que encontram em suas aventuras, mas sempre com Papai e MamĂŁe Coruja de olho, prontos para ensinar a seus filhotes sobre as caracterĂ­sticas da floresta e de seus moradores.

An Everyman’s Guide to Basic Economic Theory

These 3 political/economic theories can be best illustrated on a continuum. At the left is communism, simply stated;  From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. At the right is capitalism, simply stated; Winner takes it all, Loser takes the fall.

Change and Unbalances

Lao is an agrarian country where the agriculture represents 80% of the subsistence economy for the majority of households. This means that people eat what they cultivate and sell a surplus which approximately represents only 10 to 15% of the production. These trends are about to change.

The End of Social Security As We Know It

On September 30th (circa 2010), America will quietly begin a generational shift. This will be the final day of the government’s fiscal year 2010, and consequentially, a very notable day for Social Security (SS). September 30 will be the last day, maybe for a long time, that Social Security could possibly be operating at a surplus.

Is The Expected US Recovery A Lie?

With all the talk amongst the global media and analysts about a recovery, banks are in trouble, foreclosures are increasing and many people are failing to see the so called recovery. Was this recovery just one big lie?

Is There A Big Economic Storm Brewing?

Now Late in 2010 the reality has sunk in. There really is not economic recovery. But Will you be able to survive what is coming?

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