MORNING SHOW – 26/05/22

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What Rhymes With Hyperinflation?

So that’s where we are at present: we have gold on the rise, paper money on the ropes and powerless central bankers cowering in their vaults. Oh, and the politicians are pretending to everyone that they have a solution to all of this, either, as in America, by adding more debt to existing debt (‘stimulus’), or as in the UK and parts of Europe, by claiming that the enormous debts we’ve run up can be paid off with a bit of belt-tightening. They’re both wrong – the debt is just too big and they’ve already lost the war.

Let’s Stop Trashing Capitalism – Financial Reform Law for the Birds

Oh, as a capitalist I go round and round with some of the Democrats, or what I label as liberal-socialists these days over economic issues. Now we have a new Financial Reform Bill, one we are promised with stop the next economic crisis, and bubble bursting calamity. Indeed, indeed, or should I say doubtful.

Global Trade Wars and Currency Manipulation – This is a Bad Road to Travel for Humankind

The World needs to be careful not to get drawn into a trade war due to China’s manipulation of its trade policies, as it seeks to “win” above all else for itself rather than sticking to the fundamentals of a Western Style “Win-Win” relationship with the rest of the world. Personally, I am gravely concerned with what’s going on and see more storm clouds on the horizon and continued escalated conflict from what began as a trade war. An interesting article in Reuters to read was entitled; “IMF Warns Against Currency War,” by Steven C.

Don’t Blame The Economic Fallout

Banking failed.Banks were meant to save us,help us or throw a raft to us when we are drowning.Banks were supposed to manage risks or the risks in the marketplace.Instead they were undone by them.Can similar smoke come up your chimney?

An Embarrassment Of Riches

The unceremonious dumping out of the tournament of the England team, supposedly our ‘dream generation’, showed up something which many commentators have noted: that there seemed little motivation for these pampered players to do well for their country. This despite huge financial rewards – or is it because of them?

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