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The New Infrastructure: What’s In It For Us: 5 Musts That Build Infrastructure For Human Innovation

With the speed of growth of our technology, the results of our studies and our creation need an infrastructure for humanity, where people can build without looking over their shoulders to fear being shut down or losing their livelihood. Currently, we have groups where we focus on one topic, and we frenzy around that topic well and get stuck in follow the leader. What we don’t have is a structure where we integrate with each other on different topics that grow leaders and get things done. This model is the new infrastructure.

A Look at Human Societies – Why Does Capitalism Work So Well?

Have you ever wondered why capitalism works so much better than other forms of government? If you live in the United States, you probably would say that it is because of freedom and liberty. And yes, that is part of it, but there is a lot more to the topic.

When Are Taxi Fares Being Affected By a Fuel Surcharge?

When you get in a taxi, there is always base rate that your fare is starting at. It can be difficult to know what numbers taxi services are using to calculate this base fare at times. Sometimes there can be hidden fees or surcharges hidden in this base rate, and the most common of these is going to be a fuel surcharge.

Why Did Fed Chief Said to Congress “Don’t End Stimulus Spending”?

Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke informed Congress that the delicate economy does continue to need government stimulus spending to strengthen the recovery and in aiding to lower unemployment. To lower the record high budget deficits of the government in the future, and testifying before the House Financial Services Committee, Bernanke did recommend the lawmakers to come up with some convincing plan. But he suggested they should avoid moving now to slash spending or even to boosting of taxes, or even avoid undertaking the combination of both of them.

The Facts Behind Jobless Claims

The labor market has been extremely weak due to the economic recession. However, some optimistic news recently emerged about the mostly pessimistic market. Most labor market analysts were expecting the market to continue to show more job loss.

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