Marco Antônio Costa: Doria foi totalmente o oposto do que se esperava de um governador de SP

Marco Antônio Costa comenta sobre como a desistência da pré-candidatura presidencial de Doria já era esperada em meio ao acúmulo de arrogância e prepotência mostrados pelo ex-governador durante sua gestão na pandemia em oposição ao governo federal.

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Foreign Debt or External Loans of Pakistan and Its Economy

Foreign Debt is the major problem of Pakistan’s Economy. Economy of Pakistan is in worst shape with growth rate lowest in the region. Although there are many problems of Pakistan’s economy but foreign debt and debt servicing is an important problem of ailing economy. It becomes impossible for Pakistan to pay foreign debts servicing or interest on foreign debts without taking more debts.

Understanding Mortgages

When someone purchases a home, one of the most confusing and frightening aspects of the experience is getting a mortgage. There are so many different types, and so much confusing terminology. There are 2 types of mortgages that most home buyers acquire: fixed rate; and variable rate.

November 2010 – Some Job Growth – But, With Seasonally Adjusted Data It’s a Catastrophe

Well, the politicians keep telling us that they are going to bring back the jobs, and that this is their number one priority. However, government’s job is to protect the people, and it is the free market which provides jobs. Lately, all we’ve really seen is politicians create more rules and regulations hampering business growth, and leaving uncertainty in the marketplace.

CWG 2010: A Time for Answers

The original budget for the Games was set at Rs. 3,800 crore. However, on the basis of the Joint Parliamentary Committee’s (JPC) findings, the opposition has alleged that the actual expenditure in hosting the games was to the tune of Rs. 70,000 crore!

The Euro Lifeboat

Citizens of Germany, Greece and Ireland are all learning an important lesson: When you share a lifeboat with someone, you can’t each go your own way. The Irish and the Greeks are not happy about the benefit cuts, tax increases and public-sector pink slips that they face. Protesters in both countries have been in the streets bemoaning the loss of their countries’ financial self-determination. Given their historic struggles for sovereignty, anything that smacks of foreign domination hits a nerve. Greece and Ireland both treasure their perceived independence.

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