Lula manipulou foto com apoiadores na Bahia?

Uma foto compartilhada pela assessoria do ex-presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) sobre o ato realizado neste sábado (2) em Salvador (BA) apresentou sobreposição de imagens e duplicou as pessoas fotografadas.

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Removing Poverty – A Mission Impossible?

Poverty has been one of the important issues in the world economy from decades, and we are still searching for a way to solve this problem. We have to find a way to remove this problem from the world and as a citizen or people of this world it is our responsibility to take a step forward to remove poverty. Poverty the word defines itself as being poor from wealth and health.

The Japanese Yen is About to Crash

Japan has the second lowest birth rate in the industrial world. Another problem is that their life expectancy rate is rising. The elderly are quickly becoming the largest segment of Japan’s population. 20 percent of Japan’s population is now over 65 years old while here in the U.S. the 65 and older crowd constitutes only 12 percent. Not an insignificant number by any standard but when you compare the population size between the two, Japan’s 20 percent is a startling figure.

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