Lula lidera intenções de voto em SP, segundo pesquisa

Segundo uma nova pesquisa divulgada pelo instituto Datafolha na tarde desta sexta-feira (1º), Lula aparece na liderança das intenções de voto em SP com 43%, seguido por Bolsonaro com 30%, Ciro Gomes com 8% e Simone Tebet com 3%.

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Canadians Aren’t Out of the Economic Muck Quite Yet

Even though there might be some kind of light at the end of this bleak economic tunnel, Canadian banks are not yet giving out loans as freely as they once did. On the contrary, traditional lenders are still holding onto their funds with a white-knuckled fist. This has prompted many consumers to head directly for private asset-based lenders that are more forgiving, and (perhaps) more optimistic.

Increasing Corn Prices Cause Widespread Problems

These companies are going to find it difficult to cope with increasing corn prices. This will impact their revenue and profit levels. They’re going to struggle.

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