Bem vindos ao canal oficial do Programa Pânico na Band. Aqui você encontra tudo sobre o programa, em HD, e relembra as maiores trollagens, além das Panicats, quadros incríveis e matérias marcantes.
Tá esperando o quê? Se inscreve aí e ativa as notificações para não perder nada. Todo dia tem vídeo novo!
Vídeos Curtos do Pânico (Shorts):
Pânico Retrô (momentos engraçados do Pânico no rádio) :
Entrevistas completas no canal do Pânico Jovem Pan:

Second Commentary on Philosophy of the Economy

Monetary and Fiscal Policies; Main differences of the Marketizm’s Monetary and Fiscal Policies and the current ones from a Macroeconomic prospective are the ways the Monetary and Fiscal balances are achieved: when the currently used balances are based on a cash method: Income to Expenses; the new ones add on an accrual method: Equity to Debt. Or the securities coming from the Equities are taken in consideration for the Monetary and Fiscal policies.

The New GM

For people wondering about the facts and details of the new GM.Almost everyone around the globe have guessed that GM will file for bankruptcy. On June,2,2009 GM has filed for bankruptcy and now is has became a sole-proprietorship. It is assumed that they will become a corporation again in 2010.

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