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Deed In Lieu

A deed in lieu of Foreclosure(DIL) is a legal process where a mortgage company takes back a property from a homeowner with consent. This is often done for homeowners who are simply unable to keep up with their mortgage payments, and they have had no luck with trying to sell their home to a 3rd party.

US Budget – Dissecting the Deficit

We hear about the problems of U.S. government debt and deficits all the time. In an election year, politicians make claims about how they will work to solve these problems while keeping benefits in place and leaving taxes low. In reality, solving the budget deficit will require painful tradeoffs that are politically unpopular. Let’s roll up our sleeves, crunch some numbers and identify the major tradeoffs.

Foreign Money? Really?

From national Democrat party committees to the president himself, the liberals in the U.S. are making wild claims that their opposition from the GOP is being funded by “secret foreign money.” The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been implicated… and the movers and shakers within the party even admit there is absolutely no proof of these accusations. One prominent Democrat, when asked on a national news program what proof his party had that foreign money was controlling the upcoming elections, could only retort by asking the reporter “Well, do you have any proof it isn’t true?”

Private Mortgage Insurance In Your Mortgage Payment

Private mortgage insurance(PMI) is a protection that a mortgage company charges anyone purchasing a home, but is putting a down payment less than 20% of the total purchase price of the home. It is an insurance for the mortgage company to help to protect their investments.

Why the Market Often Creates a Workforce of the Unskilled

A recent study by Nobel Prize winning economists illustrate how the market creates a situation where employers and employees alike tend to settle for the first thing available. The previous economic theory rationalizes that unemployment is an unnecessary evil; a conscious choice by workers to simply not work. It is believed that if employers and employees alike simply lower their standards, unemployment will be the disco of the business world. Lower your standards and a suitable job will provide you with all of their needs and a little extra scratch for a rainy day. If you are willing to work, success is just a dash away; fulfill the American dream.

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