Doria anuncia desistência de sua pré-candidatura presidencial

Nesta segunda-feira (23), Doria anunciou oficialmente a desistência de sua pré-candidatura à presidência da República, reconhecendo não ser a escolha do PSDB. O fato abre interpretação para uma possível revitalização da candidatura de Eduardo Leite, além da aliança do partido com Simone Tebet.

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An Overview of the Indian Economy

India has been the leader in the field of education, art and literature, administration and finance in the ancient and medieval times and according to Angus Maddison, it was so till the colonial era. After India regained her independence in 1947, it has again tried to rise to its former glory and today it is the 11th largest economy in the world.

The Big Lie About Jobs and Taxes

The question of whether to extend the Bush tax cuts seems hopelessly mired in misinformation. The bickering in Washington on the economy seems almost exclusively focused on the top marginal tax rates — the rate paid by the wealthiest taxpayers on the income that falls into their highest tax bracket. The little mentioned fact is that everyone, including many millionaires and billionaires, pays income taxes at the same marginal tax rates.

The Economic Fujiwara

The dollar is up against the euro. No, the dollar is down against the euro. Now it’s up again. Until it goes down. Meteorologists have a term, the “Fujiwara effect,” to describe the interaction of two storms in close proximity. Europe and the United States each are dealing with their own economic storms, but they are not independent of one another. Global trade and international finance have pulled these two mighty economies so close together that neither travels an independent path.

Ireland – Raising the Titanic Economy

In a space of 20 years, a nation which was once dubbed the poor relative of an affluent northern Europe, became its Tiger and has collapsed to become a modal of economic irresponsibility and corporate greed. What happened to Ireland?

Transferring Prices

Transferring prices affects the world and the economy. Without that act there would be no selling or buying of goods across the borders of one’s home country. Dealing with transferring prices can be very challenging but if done correctly can lead to a satisfying transaction and effective marketing.

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