Bolsonaro compartilha texto sobre possível golpe contra sua reeleição

Bolsonaro compartilhou nesta segunda-feira (23) um texto escrito pelo jornalista J.R. Guzzo para a Revista Oeste que sugere o andamento de um golpe de Estado formado por inimigos do presidente, visando impedir sua reeleição e eleger Lula.

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What Will Repair The British Economy? Why, Prince William and Andrew Strauss Of Course!

Before the World Cup in South Africa, financial experts were extolling the virtues of a good World Cup on the British economy. While that didn’t happen, there’s plenty of things to look forward to that should inspire a healthy amount of good old British pride.

Leveraged Short Selling to Reduce Silver Prices Could Raise Consumer Price Index and Require Bailout

The manipulation of silver prices is done with leverage, which means those that are engaging in this activity are borrowing nine dollars for every single dollar they use, thereby multiplying the amount they use to short the commodity. Those that are accused of manipulating it are private banks that were recently rescued with tax money from the poor gambling wagers they made. Not only does the tax money come directly from the labor of the citizens, the money borrowed to make the wagers…

CWG 2010: A Time for Evaluation

The Organizing Committee for the Games has expected that the final collections are likely to be Rs. 600 crore or less, against a target of Rs. 1,820 crore. Even if we consider only the official figures, the net loss for hosting CWG 2010 comes to approximately Rs. 1,707.82 crore.

Alan Greenspan Versus Ben Bernanke

Alan Greenspan’s management of the economic affairs of the United States has not been as effective compared to Ben Bernanke who has proved to be a more prudent Central Banker of the country having made use of myriad policy tools to maintain the objectives of controlling inflation and maintaining employment. Alan Greenspan was nominated as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board in 1987 by the then President Ronald Reagan. Greenspan served five terms as the Chairman until 2006 when has succeeded by Ben Bernanke.

Recession Resistant Jobs for 2011

There is hope, not all is bad out there in the world of employment. There are some jobs that are made to weather economic down times. It might not be your dream job, but it is a job to get your through the tough times,.

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