Biden sofre com queda de popularidade e Trump ganha força (

Uma série de desafios domésticos esperam o presidente dos Estados Unidos, Joe Biden. Após firmar acordos para expandir a aliança da Otan e levar a maior presença militar dos EUA no continente desde a Guerra Fria, Biden enfrenta queda de aprovação e vê a popularidade de Trump crescer.

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The Economy of the Maldives

Maldives is one of the most beautiful nations of the world. Tourism and fishing are the only important economic activities here.

Father’s Day Present – Freedom From Fear and Attachments

Finding the perfect gift for Dad is difficult any year, but for Father’s Day 2009, the challenge is particularly daunting. We may be strapped for cash ourselves, and many of our father’s have lost their jobs. Others have seen their retirement nest egg crack, and are struggling with fears of what the current economy will mean for them and the survival of their family.

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