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Our National Debt: Now, That’s Scary

I’ve been hearing a radio ad that’s right on the money – literally. It depicts a little kid coming to the door for “trick-or-treat,” dressed not as a vampire or a ghost, but as – that’s right – the national debt.

Dairy Milk and Bakery Product: An Important Part of Interconnected Food Industry

Food and beverage industry in truth is nothing but a collection of reasonable disparate albeit interconnected categories of food components. Dairy milk and bakery products are integral part of the food industry despite looking distinct in features.

5 Reasons Not To Raise The Retirement Age

While increasing the retirement age may reduce government budget deficits in the short-term. In the long run, raising the retirement age may actually do more harm than good, for the economy, society, and the environment. Here are 5 reasons not to raise the retirement age…

Might This Be The First Step Towards The Answer To Economic Recession And Possible Depression?

So much of the Western World is facing recession and we do not know how things will develop or what the consequences might be. For many it will be a sore anxious and possibly painful time. People will lose their jobs. There will be financial restraints, and economic decisions made which may or may not resolve the issues. How did we ever get into this mess? Was it not through mismanagement and greed and selfishness and what we basically have to call sin? Some may even get into more debt and that is never the answer!

Spirit Of Diwali and Indian Economy

Diwali is considered to be the festival of lights. The mythical back ground may drive certain community to worship goddess Lakshmi where as in certain communities’ goddess Kali. No matter whatever the root cause of the celebration may be, the crackers unite the mass of Indian spirit.

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